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Having completed nearly three (3) of these canisters, i have received no noticeable advantage having taken these "greens"---THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING AS ADVERTISED---I WANT TO RETURN THE LAST TWO CANISTERS FOR A REFUND AS THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR ME---I took these greens every morning, nearly completing three canisters i believe is a fair trial of the product---the only benefit derived from the drink was the quenching of my thirst-- i am a fairly active 77 year old male, but was expecting some kind of benefit from the greens, but there was... Read more

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I ordered the 7 sample packs and they were great, gave me energy all day. I then ordered the 5 canisters for $149. Aftet receiving the product and now tried it for 5 day, i can see that it is not the same powder that was in th packets because i only felt about 2 hours of energy and had no effect like the packets had. This is truly bait and switch. I am going to see if i can get a refund. Read more

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I bought off on the greens and ordered 5 canisters for me and 5 for my wife. They had no effect in the one canister we each used so I sent the other 8 back a month ago. Not only have I not seen any refund come in my bank but I can't get anyone to answer their phone. They say 2 minutes or 5 min wait. Well after holding for 20 minutes still no answer. I have called all the numbers it lists with no luck. If it smells and looks like a rat it is a rat! I expect to see a class action suit in the near future. Read more

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You told me you were going to put the money you took out of my account a month ago . It's still there , so tomorrow , I am calling my bank and report fraud . I told you that would happen . Name..Evelyn Johnson , 990 equestrian dr #4318 Henderson , nv. 702-285-4226. Account ending in 1626. Ref. 2475542ex.3ttghby..please respond . Thank you Add comment

Beware when trying to purchase Patriot Power Food!!! You will choose the product that you want and on the same page you are asked to enter your name, address, and credit card information then hit the continue button. Most of us would think that you would then be directed to a check out page. WRONG!! You are held hostage on the next page while the voice of "Jeff" tries to squeeze more money out of you for add ons and upgrades. There is no "skip" or "no thanks" button to click while you are on this page. The very worst part is that if you... Read more

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1. Cannot get a hold of anyone via phone or email. 2. Costco has pretty much the same thing but $22 for 45 servings. Add comment

They have without a doubt the WORST customer service. No one answers the phone. If you leave a message no call back and the same with emails all a computer generated response. Not to mention I had to dispute my charge with my credit card company to get the refund because I never received the bonus product I paid for and not even a response from them. I will never do business with them again. Add comment

Can't order only Canada and America options... I'm in England Jill55 Read more

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Im annoyed because i cant order you wonderful magic product, seems you wont let in only like Canada and United states...:-( ,jill Bingham. Add comment

They are scam!!! After we ordered them, all we got was an order confirmation number and its been 5days haven't heard from them if it's in transit or whatsoever. We tried calling them and their holding time is RIDICULOUS!!!!! We've been on hold for HOURS! And we even don't know if we'll ever get someone to answer it!!! NEVER EVER DO TRANSACTIONS WITH THEM! They just take ur money and that's it!!!! Add comment

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